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Upcoming ALC Events

11 June Breakfast Club 11 June Breakfast Club
Year 3 Siddur Presentation 18 June Year 3 Siddur Presentation
Past ALC Events

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7 May Breakfast Club 7 May Breakfast Club
Year 5 Synagogue Crawl.jpg Year 5 Synagogue Crawl
American FND 2015 Shavuot Sing Along
The Zone Megajump 18 December - The Zone MegaJump
American FND 2015 Cheesecake "Make and Taste"
American FND 2015 American Friday night dinner
Mitzvah Day 2014 Mitzvah Day 2014
Yr 6 Jewish Museum Trip Year 6 Jewish Museum Trip
View ALC Matzo Bakery and Pesach Concert
View ALC Havdalah Service
View Pre Succot Arts Bonanza
View Chocolate Themed Mock Seder
View Chessington Trip
View Family Shabbaton
View Annual Chanukah Concert
View Camp Kochavim
View Friday Night Dinner