launching the all new aleph learning centre
Early Years Multi-Sensory Hebrew Reading
Hebrew Reading is a fundamental part of Jewish education, though not always easy to learn.

Therefore, to engage and inspire, Hebrew letters are introduced to Reception children using a Montessori, multi-sensory approach where the children are taught through a range of practical, hands-on activities.

This engaging and interactive programme is an exciting way for children to start their journey of learning to read Hebrew and it ensures a solid foundation on which to build.


Aleph Champ

Following on from our Early Years Multi Sensory Programme, we have launched a new reading system known as "Aleph Champ", which is based on the martial arts motivational philosophy of colour-coded levels and testing. This popular programme which has been developed in the United States and brought to the UK by Tribe is being used in Hebrew schools worldwide.

The Hebrew alphabet, vowels and word formations are divided into 8 coloured levels. Students start out as 'White Aleph Champs' working their way up to become a 'Brown Aleph Champ'.

White Aleph Champion - Master the first 18 letters of the Aleph-Bet
Red Aleph Champion - Master all 31 letters of the Aleph-Bet
Orange Aleph Champion - Master the first 4 vowels with letter combinations
Yellow Aleph Champion - Master the first 5 vowels with letter combinations
Green Aleph Champion - Master the first 9 vowels with letter combinations
Dark Blue Aleph Champion - Master all the vowels and exceptions to the rules
Purple Aleph Champion - Master reading familiar Prayers and Brachot
Brown Aleph Champion - Master reading important Prayers

We offer one to one and small group Hebrew Reading practice sessions every Sunday morning. We have a team of trained assistants who teach Hebrew reading using our Aleph Champ Programme, spending half an hour in every class. We aim that, with regular practice, all children will be able to read Hebrew confidently and fluently, eventually acquire a general understanding of the prayers.

Extra practice sheets: White level practice sheets Red level practice sheets