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Our Staff
At the Aleph Learning Centre we have experienced, committed and enthusiastic staff. Our teachers are responsible for preparing lessons in accordance with our mission statment and are encouraged to use creative methods of teaching including the latest techniques and technology.

They are devoted to creating a safe and stimulating environment inspiring our students to learn and continuously progress individually and as a class.

Reception: Shoshana Cohen
Originally from Manchester, Shoshana trained in Gateshead as a Jewish Studies teacher and lived in Israel for a number of years. She is a well loved and experienced teacher and runs a successful play group in Golders Green. She wants to ensure each child has a great start to their Jewish learning in the ALC.

Year 1A: Shoshana Lister
Shoshana studied at Hasmonean High School, and then spent a year in Israel. She is currently in her first year at Brunel University where she is studying Occupational Therapy. Shoshana has been involved in many summer camps such as Ezra and Camp Kochavim, and is excited to teach Year 1 using creative and engaging activities.

Year 1B: Bruchi Cohen
Bruchi Cohen has just finished 2 years in Gateshead teaching training collage. Prior to this Bruchi assisted her mother, Morah Shana in the ALC Reception class. At the moment Bruchi assists in Menorah Primary School. Bruchi has always wanted to teach and enjoys sharing Jewish knowledge in an exciting way.

Year 2A: Batya Moller
Originally from Israel, Batya has taught for over 20 years in both the UK and USA, and is currently a primary school teacher at Beis Yakov. She has particular experience in working with children in the infant years and enjoys teaching in a creative and stimulating environment. She would like her Year 2 students to be proud of their Jewish identity.

Year 2B: Gillian Rosenfeld
A familiar face, Gillian has been a part of HGSS Cheder for 18 years. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience from her years teaching in various primary schools in London. She ensures the children are involved in what they are learning, have a sense of pride in their work and enjoy coming to the ALC.

Year 3A: Sarit Baum
After graduating from Hasmonean High School and attending Sha'alvim Seminary in Israel, Sarit is now studying Biomedical sciences at University College London. She has been a Madricha for Sinai Youth for many years, which is renowned for its success in informally educating and empowering young people. Sarit is excited to use her experience of Jewish informal education in the classroom, to make the lessons informative and educational but still fun and enjoyable. Sarit hopes to infuse her pride and love of her heritage to her pupils.

Year 3B: Jamie Isaacson
Jamie Isaacson graduated from Hasmonean High School and went to Yeshiva in Israel for a year. He is currently studying Statistics with Finance at The London School of Economics. In the past Jamie has been involved in various youth movements and children’s camps. He is very excited to bring all the skills he has learnt together to provide an educational, fun and interactive learning experience.

Year 4A: Avraham Sanger
Avrahum Sanger is president of the Jewish society at SOAS, he’s currently in his final year there studying economics. Having spent a few years as a youth leader in both Chaverim and Ezra youth movements and two years in Yeshivat Kerem B’yavne in Israel Avraham is passionate about delivering fun, informative and interactive lessons on Judaism.

Year 4B: Racheli Lansberg
Racheli Landsberg graduated from Hasmonean High School and went on to attend Seminary in Israel for two years. She has been involved in youth movements and leadership positions in the community for many years and feels enthusiastic about igniting pride and knowledge of our heritage. Having two years of Cheder experience behind her she feels confident that she will make learning an interactive and exciting experience for the Aleph Learning Centre.

Year 5A: Yossi Prager
After leaving Hasmonean, Yossi spent 3 years in Yeshivat Bais Yisroel in Jerusalem. He is currently studying International Relations in Queen Mary University. Yossi has previously been involved in youth groups here in London, and in America. He is excited about giving over a fun Jewish themed educational experience for the Aleph Learning Centre.

Year 5B: Avital Mendelsohn
Avital is currently reading English Literature at a London university after spending a year in Israel studying in Seminary. Alongside her degree, she is involved in various youth programs and is really excited to create a positive Jewish experience and an engaging learning environment!

Year 6A: Sara Ellerman
After graduating from Hasmonean High School and attending Seminary in Israel, Sara is now reading Geography at the London School of Economics. She has been a Madricha for Bnei Akiva Youth Movement, which educates Jewish youth, provides stimulating, experiential and informal opportunities for encountering Judaism, and encourages Jewish continuity and leadership. Sara is excited to employ her knowledge and previous experiences to help create an interesting, engaging and dynamic learning environment.

Year 6B: Mikey Lebrett
Mikey is returning from two years of study at a Yeshiva in Israel to embark on a Pharmacology degree at Queen Mary University. Prior to Yeshiva, Mikey grew up in Hendon and graduated from Hasmonean High School. Mikey had been very involved in Ezra Youth Movement for many years and is currently responsible for the training of youth leaders and informal educators within the organisation. Mikey hopes to employ his previous experiences to help create an engaging, dynamic and inspiring learning environment at the ALC.

Administrator; Aleph Learning Centre and The Zone; Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue: Tanya Wides
Tanya is originally from South Africa and a mother of two children. With a background in Human Resources and Psychology, she makes use of her organisational and people skills to ensure the smooth running of the office and the administrative side of things at the ALC and The Zone. Tanya enjoys being a part of the dynamic ALC and Zone teams.

Assistant Head: Gila Gluck
Gilla is a graduate of the Jewish Teachers Training College in Gateshead. She has had rich experience promoting and delivering education to children around the UK. Gillah also works as team manager for the London Borough of Barnet’s largest health and social care provider. She is also currently studying at London Metropolitan University, completing a BSc in social work. Gillah has a passion for developing a learning environment which delivers professional, exciting and contemporary Jewish Education.

Director of Education; Aleph Learning Centre and The Zone; Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue: Chayli Fehler
Chayli Fehler has worked in the United Synagogue Educational sector as Youth Director, Educational Researcher and Educational Consultant. She has previously taught in Jewish Day schools, worked for the Birthright Programme in Israel, and directed the ‘60 Days for 60 Years' worldwide project. Chayli is currently the Children's Education Manager at United Synagogue, creating innovative and exciting educational programmes, curriculums and learning resources. She has completed a Masters Degree in Jewish Education from the University of London.

As Director of the Aleph Learning Centre at Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue, Chayli's professionalism and dynamic leadership has seen the Cheder expand to become the largest Jewish supplementary school in the UK. Chayli is passionate about Jewish education and wants to ensure all pupils receive a broad, engaging and '21st century relevant' Jewish education. She also runs the Step Up programme, offering educational activities to refugees during the Summer and Winter holidays.

We also have a team of 16 Hebrew Reading Assistants who read one on one or small groups session in all classes.

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