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We believe Sunday morning Hebrew Classes should be exciting, engaging and relevant. It’s essential that from an early stage children have a positive Jewish learning experience. Welcome to the Aleph Learning Centre! The beginning of a journey in Jewish Learning.

“For my three children who attend non-Jewish schools, the Aleph Centre has provided them with new Jewish friends and an expanding Jewish awareness.  The curriculum is well-structured, and the topics and learning methods are diverse and relevant to all ages and abilities. My children have developed a good appreciation of the Jewish holidays and festivals and feel more comfortable in Synagogue services. I highly recommend.”
Louise (parent of three pupils)

“The Aleph Centre offers the children a wonderful start to Jewish Education.  It covers many interesting topics, delivered in concise chunks that is easy to absorb for their target age.  The themes are relevant and timely and the teaching style inspires and gives the children the confidence to ask questions at home and learn more.  Parents are always up to date with what the children are learning and the teachers are friendly and welcoming. I can’t speak highly enough of this centre”
Lara (parent of one pupil)

About us

At the Aleph Learning Centre we offer Jewish Education in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where children are encouraged to discover and explore Jewish topics and traditions. Our overall focus is on ‘learning through experience’ – using the latest educational programmes. From the first day we place an emphasis on developing our students’ appreciation of their Jewish heritage and tradition.

Our new syllabus combines interactive classroom studies, that bring Judaism alive, with a range of extracurricular activities including our ‘Funday Sundays,’ where children participate in hands-on workshops to prepare for the upcoming Jewish festivals.

The Zone is our exciting and innovative teenage programme that offers modern, engaging and interactive learning. Participants join their peers to explore and debate Judaism and its relevance today in a fun and social atmosphere. The programme is run by dynamic youth leaders and includes trips and fantastic guest speakers. With over 250 children enrolled, at one of the largest Hebrew Schools in Europe, we look forward to developing the centre at Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue and encourage you to join us as partners in your children’s Jewish education.

“The Aleph Learning Centre is the flagship Hebrew school in the UK, with good quality Jewish Education, far from the traditional old school Cheder. There is a proper learning structure and the kids received a well-rounded education and are kept very engaged through the experiential spiral curriculum. They actually like going! The staff are well trained by our or dynamic Director who has a passion for education that inspires her staff. The Zone is also a fantastic initiative and will hopefully feed our teenagers back into our community as leaders and educators.”

Simon (parent of three pupils)

“I am so impressed with Aleph Learning Centre. I could not ask for a better grounding in Jewish education for my children. They love going every Sunday as the teachers are so warm and caring and they have lots of fun while learning a lot.”
Simone (mother of 2 pupils)

We aim for our students to:

Attain a strong pride and positive sense of Jewish identity

Be encouraged to discover and explore Jewish topics focusing on their relevance today

Identify with the land of Israel and its inhabitants

Have a working knowledge and appreciation of all Jewish holidays and festivals

Be able to read Hebrew fluently and be familiar with the siddur

Learn the meaning of basic prayers and feel comfortable in Synagogue services

Build lasting friendships with other Jewish children in the community

Gain an understanding of the morals, values and ethical behaviours in Judaism

Gain an understanding of the practices and traditions of Judaism

Our underlying approach is for children to enjoy their time at the Aleph Learning Centre and The Zone, and gain a positive Jewish learning experience, as a foundation to their Jewish future.

Our programme runs on Sundays and caters for children ages 4 – 15, school years, Reception to Year 10.

Reception – Year 1
Early Aleph Centre Programme
10:00 – 12.50pm
Years 2-6
Aleph Centre Programme
10:00 – 1.00pm

Years 7-8
The Zone Programme
9:45 – 12:30pm

Years 9-10
Zone GCSE / Project ImpACT
Various times

“Thanks to your donation, Building Hope have been able to completely transform the family’s home. They’ve cleared their apartment of damp and mould, fixed the walls and repainted everywhere. Gadi and Liat are so thankful and the family feel proud to  call their apartment ‘home’ again.”
Helen Carmel

Community Coordinator, Myisrael


At the Aleph Learning Centre, Tzedakah (Charity) is an important part of our curriculum and we aim to develop a commitment among our pupils to share with others less fortunate than them. We encourage all children Tzedakah every Sunday.

We are delighted to have supported different charities in the past. Most recently we sponsored a Chanukah party for orphan children of IDF soldiers. We also donated to Building Hope charity which improves living conditions for some of Israel’s poorest families. They carry out urgent repairs to their homes and provide support to help these families return to financial stability and independence. This was facilitated through My Israel, an organisation that supports small charities in Israel.

“Dear Aleph Centre Parents

The children loved their Hanukkah celebrations and they wanted to say a big Thank you to you’ Please see our photos.

Warm wishes


Community Coordinator, IDF Widows and Orphans Organization