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This new, exciting and innovative programme has been designed to cater for young people in Years 7 – 8 in the run up to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and for all levels of Jewish knowledge.

Through modern, experiential and interactive education techniques, participants will join their peers to learn, discover and appreciate being Jewish and the relevance it has today.

Rather than passive learning, the participants will be invited to explore Jewish topics and traditions for themselves and be encouraged to ask, challenge and debate in a respectful and welcoming environment. The formal programme, along with the informal learning and trips will provide essential Jewish knowledge through hands on experiences in a engaging and fun environment. It will instil Jewish values and explore being a Jewish ‘Teen’ in the modern world as well as giving the opportunity for participants to build a strong social group within their communities.

Year 7 Zone Programme

Informal Learning, Guest Speakers and Trips
Hands-on Judaism:
This session looks at major themes in Jewish life and explores the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each topic, whilst offering active participation. Hands-on Judaism aims to ensure that participants explore key issues in their Jewish life as well as acquire the skills and practical aspects of Jewish ritual.
Top speakers are regularly invited to challenge participants to think about the relevance of various topics to Jewish life. These have included CEOs, Holocaust Survivors, international peace makers, doctors, scientists, historians, educators, barristers, soldiers, leaders of industry and innovators in social media.
Participants will enjoy various trips connected to the topics they are learning. Trips have included a visit to the Old Operating Theatre Museum to discuss medical ethics and a trip to Bevis Marks Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in the UK followed by a tour of the Jewish East End. Participants also visited the Maccabi HQ to learn about the Jewish contribution to sports, a trip to Kenwood House to discuss the topic of slavery. Social trips have included Mega Jump and bowling.
Various hands-on workshops have included a CST Streetwise course learning Krav Maga skills, a workshop understanding about shechita and kashrut, and a Jewish Interactive technology session.
Zone Time:
Participants can relax during ‘Zone time,’ strengthening friendships with other participants while enjoying ping pong, and other games as well as refreshments.
Zone Shabbat*:
This event will be a central part of the Zone. Participants will enjoy an exciting and fun sleep-over event with their peers.
*Social trips are charged separately from the rest of the programme.
All trips subject to change.

Year 8 Bnei Mitzvah Programme

Social Action and Volunteering – Project ImpACT Taster
Do you want to do something meaningful for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

Join the Bnei Mitzvah ImpACT Programme to get a taste of hands on volunteering with local charities. Volunteers will learn about Tikun Olam in an interactive way. They will be inspired to make a difference for others less fortunate and create their own social action project in honour of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

The programme involves social action and hands-on volunteering directly within the community. Participants will be working with a variety of charities including those supporting the elderly, the homeless and those with special needs. They will also learn about the importance of volunteering and what goes on behind the scenes in various charities.
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Project ImpACT Programme

Years 9-10

Project ImpACT is a post Bar/ Bat Mitzvah volunteering programme. Project ImpACT creates and supports meaningful and impactful group volunteering opportunities for Years 9-11 across several locations in London.

These hands on volunteering opportunities support a range of Jewish and non-Jewish charities, on different evenings of the week.

It also empowers and challenges young people, helps them to develop useful life skills, enhances their personal character, and encourages the next generation to grow into community focused leaders. Participants are able to use their Project ImpACT hours to contribute to the Duke of Edinburgh award, V inspired and other awards.

Years 9-10 GCSE Programme

Religious Studies GCSE class

Our Years 9-10 Zone Programme is a two year course of study in preparation for the Religious Studies GCSE examination. This programme is run in partnership with James Howard Education who will provide the classes on a weekday evening at Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue and Highgate Synagogue. The course focuses on Jewish Studies and also includes the study of Islam as a comparative religion.

Lessons will be taught in an informal and inspiring way, enabling students to learn about their Jewish heritage and Jewish practice whilst also making and maintaining friendships with other Jewish students. There is also an additional benefit of experiencing a ‘real’ GCSE early, and gaining useful tools for study and exam preparation that apply across all subjects.

In addition to the weekly, term-time classes, there will also be optional special Zone trips for all participants together. The trips will be directly related to what the pupils are studying in order to give them the opportunity to reinforce their learning through hands-on experiences.

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